Sending a large file or multiple files over email can be a challenge or sometimes impossible. There's an easy to use process that allows you to send files directly to Loxo's data team.

How to Share Your Files

  1. Settings > Custom Imports > Request Credentials

2. Choose Source > Other / Not Listed > Request

3. Once you hit Request, it may take a few moments, but your SFTP file sharing details will automatically populate.

4. You will have to download an FTP client and then login with the credentials below. We recommend FileZilla if you don’t have one, which is hyperlinked on the credential page.

5. Once you have the FTP client open, fill in the Host, Username, Passwords, Port details that populated in-app and Connect.

6. When you've successfully connected, use the "Local Site" to find the folders where your data is located. This will most likely be the Download or Desktop folder.

7. Select the upload folder under "Remote Site" and then double click on your file(s). They will appear on the right-hand side once they've successfully been added to the site.

8. The last step is to let your CSM know the files have been added and we will begin processing them!

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