Searchable Lists. Lists now include a new search bar and private vs team filters. Finding your lists, especially on large teams, can be tedious and take lots of scrolling. Now you can filter for just yours or start typing to find the exact list you need.

Customize Your Pipeline. Previously you had to reach out to support to update your hiring pipeline, but now Account Admins can customize the Hiring Pipeline for their team under Settings > Customize. No more waiting for our team to make updates!

Saved Searches in Source. Create the perfect search in Loxo Source between the filters and Boolean search box, save it, and return back to it anytime you open up Loxo Source.


Source 2.0. The revamped sourcing tool includes larger candidate cards with more details on their past experience and skills as well as their Loxo tags.

Domain Setup. You can now setup your DNS settings to authenticate Loxo's domain entirely on your own, without having to go to support to generate the records. You can find the required records under Settings > Loxo Email Domains.

Duplicate Companies. When creating an AI job you will see an option to choose a company from our global database. If you match your hiring company with one from our database it helps our AI technology find top quality candidates!



Custom Fields on Placements. Any custom fields added to your Contracts/Placements Report, will now show up on the placement card! This means you can add any custom billing fields to your report and they will show on the placement cards when someone is moved to Hired! This is a best practice for teams who need to collect extra information anytime a candidate is placed.


Add Person and Add Company modals. When you manually add a person or company the new modal allows you to add as much or as little detail about the person/company before creating the new record. Even update custom fields under Advanced.

Auto Merge Updates. We will only merge two people if they have the same email address AND they have a similar name. For example John Doe and John Doe CPA would be auto merged if they had the same email address. However Sarah Jane and John Doe would not be merged.

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