Using Candidate Assessments, hiring managers can leave a detailed rating on candidates, provide general feedback, and even accept, reject or shortlist the candidate - all from the shared candidate profile!

When a client visits the unique URL for a shared candidate, they will have the option to interact with the profile on the right hand side by either leaving an assessment or a general comment. Hiring managers will be prompted to leave their name and email address so that you can be sure to know who left the assessment.

Once submitted, the assessment or comment will automatically save to the candidate profile! If linked to a job, hiring managers will have the option to accept, reject or shortlist the candidate. Note: You can share a candidate without linking to a job. In this case, hiring managers will not have the option to accept, reject or shortlist the candidate.

After the hiring manager leaves their assessment(s), Loxo will send an email notification to the appropriate person/Job Owner! Note: Assessments can be created by signed in Users

As a Loxo User, you will see an assessment panel where you can easily view all assessments and comments that are left on a candidate. You can easily sort and filter assessments by Job, Contact, and date.

Check out this great video from our trainer, Dan:

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