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Schedule Send Emails

Previously, you could only send an email at the exact time you wanted it to go out. However, now? Enter Schedule Send! We’re very excited to debut this new feature, as you’ll be able to schedule emails in advance to go out on a specific day and time.

There is no longer a need to set reminders or tasks for yourself in terms of sending out an email! Simply head on over to the email in question and choose from the following options:

  • Tomorrow morning,

  • Tomorrow afternoon,

  • Monday morning, or

  • Pick a date & time, which can be scheduled up to 1 month in advance!

You’ll be able to stay on top of all of your email correspondence with ease! Plus, if you ever need to refer to your pending Schedule Send emails, you can navigate to your email log and find the pending drafts there (Gear Icon > Email).

We’re talon you, our new Schedule Send feature will make your workflow that much easier! To find out more, check out our help article: Schedule Send

Sneak Beak

New Flyover Coming Soon!

There are several big frontend updates coming to Loxo over the next few months. To start, we are rolling out a new Person Flyover page within the next week!

The new Flyover page will bring a familiar design update with some really exciting features, including:

  • Inbox: Reply to email & SMS threads from the flyover

  • Note Templates: Create a standard list of questions that your team can use for phone screens, interviews, in-takes, etc.

  • Assessments: Share profiles to provide client assessments of candidate records

  • Event Stream: Restructured to easily organize the activity details

We are owl so thrilled with the new Flyover! Once it’s ready to go live, you’ll be alerted by the Loxo team.

What a Hoot!

Loxo Takes on Europe!

Guess hoo’s made it over to Europe? We have! As of April, we’ve expanded Loxo’s presence outside of North America with our very first European office based in Dublin, Ireland! Along with that, we’ve launched our Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) operations.

We are always striving for a consistent, world-class customer experience here at Loxo - regardless of the time zone!

That is exactly why we decided to address the huge demand for our platform within the EMEA region by establishing a strategic business function in Europe. You can learn more about this wonderful stage of growth for Loxo by flying over here to read our full PR release!

Wise Owl

New Loxo Best Practices Webinar

We recently released a new webinar option with our trainer Dan, Loxo Best Practices, that details how to navigate a day in the life within Loxo! We review system navigation and best practice workflows - including adding jobs and utilizing AI to its fullest potential, as well as sourcing, contacting, tracking, and placing candidates.

This webinar is offered on Mondays at 3pm ET, register here! Can’t make that time? No problem! Check it out at your leisure on our YouTube channel!

Please note, Loxo AI is only available for Premium accounts. If you are interested in learning more about Loxo AI or upgrading your account, please reach out to support!

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