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No Tricks, Only Treats!

🆕 If You’ve Got it, Haunt it: Required Fields

We've recently released a new and exciting feature, Required Fields! Boo-lieve it or not, agency Admins will now have the ability within their Settings to manage their agency's required fields for People and Jobs, as they're being created.

To do this, Admins can head to Settings > My Agency > and look for the "Custom Validations" tab in order to make these changes.

This setting will require owl Users to fill in the set required fields when creating a new Person or Job in Loxo, manually, using the blue + button. Using required fields consequently prevents Users from being able to delete data from these fields in existing profiles.

To learn more about this fang-tastic update, take a look at our handy help article!

✨ Let's Pumpkin Spice Things Up

Here at Loxo, we're always ahead of the carve. To address a common customer request, the Blocking feature in Loxo has been updated - for the better!

Users can now block People and Companies in Loxo for a specified period of time! This update will make blocking easier and more time-efficient as it will manage Users' blocked People and Companies. Once it is time to reopen communication, the extra step of unblocking will be carried out automatically.

To use this feature, simply navigate into the Flyover Page of the person or company you need to block, select the arrow right beside the lock icon, and select your desired time period to have the party in question blocked.

Keep Calm and Block On!

Life is Gourd with Loxo

😱 Spooktacular Outreach Webinar

Are your candidates ghosting you? Are you feeling that you don’t know jack-o’-lantern on effective recruitment outreach?

Have no fear, Loxo is here! We're approaching Halloween and we're ready to help you with some best practices at our upcoming LIVE Workshop: Raise the Dead with Loxo Outreach™.

Join Loxo on Friday, October 29th at 12pm ET for an informative workshop focused on helping you make the most of Loxo Outreach™ including campaign creation, execution, best practices, and more! We'll have a skele-ton of fun!

Creepin' It Real

🧙 Wicked Awesome Quarterly Webinar

Our team recently hosted our quarterly webinar where we shared some of the recent releases and product updates, reviewed our product roadmap for the next few months, and answered your questions live!

Whether you missed the live session, or want to revisit any of the information, you can find a full recording of the webinar on our Boo-Tube channel:

📱SMS Unsubscribe Re-ghoul-lations

If a number either has not been contacted in the last 18 months or has never been contacted by your team, please note that the initial SMS will now include: Reply STOP to Unsubscribe. This is required to stay within regulations of sending SMS and allow the end-user to provide consent.

This precaution has been implemented per requirement from our third-party phone provider in order to stay within regulations of sending outgoing SMS messages. This is a simple form of allowing the end-user to consent to any SMS messages coming their way! We truly thank you for your understanding with this, as privacy and security is essential.

Eerie-sistible Updates Coming Soon

👹 We've Created a Monster Solution

No more witchful thinking! We are currently building out our Sourced Recruiter Report and are certain that it will be a hoot for all of our Loxo Users to refer to. When a candidate gets submitted, offered, or placed, Loxo Users will be able to use this report to easily identify who originally sourced the candidate in question. Simple and effective. We hope you'll love this fa-boo-lous new addition to Reporting!

🎃 Carving Out Some Time for a New Integration

Our team is working on building a two-way integration with Lever for Loxo'ers with clients who use Lever as their ATS. For example, if you are using Loxo to submit your candidate to a client on Lever, your client's Lever database will automatically update. Additionally, should your client take any action on the candidate in Lever (hired, rejected, etc.), the candidate's Loxo profile will update with the new activity. We know this will definitely come in candy for staying up-to-date with your clients!

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