What it is:

The Candidate Highlights feature is a great way to present a summary to your Hiring Manager, outlining important pieces of information that you'd like them to see!

Where to find it:

Within the job > card view you will see the "add highlight" option in blue text on each candidate card. Selecting this will open the highlight modal where you can enter a detailed or short excerpt about this candidate and that particular role.

This highlight will only live on this job for this candidate, so if a candidate is in multiple jobs, each job can have its own specific highlight for the candidate.

So, contrary from the intake which is a holistic overview of a candidate, highlights are specific to each job so users can shares small bits of information about the candidate with their client in regards to the job!

Highlights will be visible to the clients in the client invite view. When sharing a job like so:

To learn how to share jobs with clients, check out this article here!

Reach out to support@loxo.co if you have any additional questions!

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