The Candidate Highlights feature is a great way to present a summary to your Hiring Manager, outlining important pieces of information that you'd like them to see.

Within the Flyover, click on the Plus icon next to Highlights to reveal the text box. Type in whatever you'd like to share with the Hiring Manager here - "Star Candidate with 20+ years of experience", etc.

Then, Select a Job that you would like to associate with the highlight (once the job is selected, the Save button will turn blue). Note: a candidate must be in a job's pipeline in order for it to be visible on the drop down.

To share this with your Hiring Manager, select the Share icon above:

This will bring you to the screen where you will select the Candidate attributes that you'd like to show the Hiring Manager; select whichever information you choose.

Note: You must select the matching job in order for the Candidate Highlight to appear on the share link.

Click Next, then select Copy to copy the link that you'll then send to the Hiring Manager. You can also choose when the link expires - in 7, 30, or 90 days.

This is how the Highlights section will appear once the shared link is accessed:

Candidate Highlights are a great way to capture the most important information and share it with your Hiring Manager.

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