When resumes are brought into Loxo, they are read, parsed, and classified fully by a computer. Sometimes, resumes are formatted so beautifully to the human eye, but are a jumbled mess when a computer reads it - computers are big on facts and not interested in graphics, cleverness, and creativity.

We're here to help you better understand how the computer parses resumes and some common hinderances that we see with parsing:

  1. The resume/CV is intricate.

    Beauty is in the eye of the (human) beholder. The following intricacies are commonly used in resume/CV writing and are not always readable by computers:

    1. Headers or footers,

    2. Graphics that represent data (including text boxes),

    3. Tables or multi-column formats,

    4. Mixes of font types and/or font sizes,

    5. Stylizing font that shouldn't be - including E X P A N D E D T E X T or all caps when there is not a reason to do so.

      For example, John's resume below includes graphics, columns, mixes of font types and sizes, as well as stylized font:

  2. The resume/CV's data is in an inconsistent order.

    Each job that is listed should be described in the same order. If one job is described as…

    [Dates] [Position title] [Company][City], [State] [Description]

    … then all of the other jobs should be written in the same style.

  3. The resume/CV's work history dates are missing or not formatted properly.

    Dates should be written as MONTH (not numerical) YEAR (all 4 digits) and should always be on the same line.


    05/06 - Present  A Good Company, LLC, Atlanta, GA


    May 2006 – Present  A Good Company, LLC, Atlanta, GA

  4. The Resume/CV has multiple roles listed under one employer.


    [Date] [Position title 1] [Description]
    [Date] [Position title 2] [Description]


    [Date] [Company] [Position title 1] [Description]
    [Date] [Company] [Position title 2] [Description]

  5. The resume/CV is a PDF or Apple Page instead of a document from Microsoft™ Word.

    Text cannot always be correctly extracted from PDF files as they can be read as images instead of text. Specifically, if someone scans a pdf via a scanner the pdf will be an image instead of text and the computer cannot decipher words.

    If you have any questions please reach out to us at Support!

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