For users who want to include more customized questions in their Loxo Job Application pages without using the open API, this is for you!

The job application page also now supports candidates in uploading more than one document, when they select "Upload resume/ CV" they can now select multiple documents to upload into this section:

To create a new set of questions that you would like to include in a job application page, first be sure to create the form template first in your settings > form templates:

Now to add this set of questions in the job application page open the job in Loxo > edit:

Scroll to the very bottom to located the section where you can attach the form you created, and select it from the drop down next to "Custom Questions":

Now once you have done this and saved the changes you can take a sneak peak at this job application page by clicking the expand icon next to the job title:

And now we see all the questions from my form template have populated in the job application for candidates to answer accordingly!

Once a candidate submits this application, this form will populate in their intake section of their profile.

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