Over here at Loxo our top priority is giving our customers a seamless user experience. We previously received feedback that our text editor wasn't working as well as it should be and we got to work! After weeks of development and testing we have released the new and improved text editor. Our main goal was ensuring predictability and reliability within the text editor. We have worked on these changes and ensured that the new text editor carries over appropriately into major email clients and is easy to use.

If you haven't watched it yet, please watch this walkthrough of the newest text editor and all of the changes!

Key Changes

- Some pre-existing formatting like font type/size/color/background will not carry over

- Improved support of HTML with the all new HTML view screen

- Better predictability and consistency between text created in Loxo and text received in major email clients like Outlook, Gmail, etc.

Important to Note

Existing Templates and Campaigns

The new editor does not apply to any existing templates or campaign stages. This is due to the fact that if it were to be applied it to any pre existing templates/ campaign emails that were formatted previously with the old editor it could compromise that formatting and cause some errors and inconsistencies since the new editor uses different logic and technology.

However, any new templates or campaign stages created from here on out will be using the new text editor! So if you were struggling with formatting on a currently existing template or campaign stage, you will need to copy the text over into a new template or stage and recreate it using the new editor.

We can't keep the old editor around forever and plan on switching all things text in Loxo onto the new editor by the end of this year/ beginning of 2022. So please review current templates and either recreate them to assure the formatting is on the new editor, or just be aware when we make this change it could cause some formatting errors on previously created templates and campaign stages.


New users signing onto Loxo and creating a signature for the first time will utilize the new text editor. As for our current users with an existing signature, your signature will be transferred onto the new HTML editor to maintain the integrity of the signature. So you can either utilize the HTML code to make small changes to your current signature or if you want to start over you can use the "clear content and return to text editor" button and recreate it from scratch using the new text editor!

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