You can now ensure that select fields on newly created People and Jobs are required to be filled in prior to their creation! This will also prevent users from being able to delete data from these fields in existing profiles.

Note: This can only be done by manually creating a person profile using the blue plus button.

Agency admins will navigate to Settings (click on your initials/profile photo>Settings>Custom Validations):

Select the fields you would like to be required by toggling the switch ON

Choose the minimum character count by entering a number under Minimum Length

You can add in any of the Custom Fields you have created as well by clicking on Add New Validation:

Now, when you or your colleagues create a Person or Job, a small red asterisk will show next to those required fields. If a field is missed, the Create button will be greyed out, and will explain what needs to be added to the Person/Job in order to complete creation.

Requiring fields to be entered ensures data integrity within your Loxo database, and you can now be more confident that all the necessary data is getting entered into Loxo and will not be removed!

Check out Dan's helpful training video below:

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