User Interface enhancements: Users will notice gradual changes in the UI throughout Loxo. Updates headers, tool bar, and navigation bars for a cleaner more visually appealing experience in the platform!

New feature: Users now can add candidates that are already in their database from directly within the job via the "quick add" function!

New feature: Candidate Highlights are now available within the Client Export!


Product enhancement: Candidate highlights are now available in the Client Report!

Product enhancement: Now when uploading companies via CSV users have the option to merge duplicate companies, and can choose which data from the CSV (like company name, company website) they want used as the identifier to merge the new company with the existing profile in Loxo

New feature: New compensation and track record cards on person flyover

Data protection update: Reduce multiple session detection on login by comparing browser fingerprints for a user instead of checking for any previous sessions!

Unsubscribe: Users can now create an unsubscribe link to include in bulk emails that allows the recipient to click the link and opt out of getting emails from your agency! If a recipient does this, it will automatically block any future communications to that person from Loxo.


Integrations: We now offer an integration with Wordpress!

Jobs: Users can now add custom fields into jobs just like the customizing option in the people page. Check out this help article!

Add Candidate Page: New and improved add candidate page in jobs, review this update here!


Product Updates

Client View: Newly redesigned Client Invite Feature to manage sharing your job pipelines within Loxo with your clients!


Product Updates

Loxo AI: New AI view built to match the UI in Loxo Source for easier to search through candidate cards!

Integrations: We now offer an integration with Sisense, a BI and data analytics tracking tool!

Assessments: Clients can now view their previous assessments on candidates via the client invite link

Feature Enhancements

Jobs: Users can now bulk move candidates into a new job from within a current job. Previously moving candidates from one job to another was only possible from within the people's tab. Check out how to do this here!

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