Loxo currently integrates with the following Data Tools:

Domo allows you to create a data-driven culture across your entire organization with on-the-fly analytics. Have confidence in your decisions, and get the most out of your teams and data. Learn more here: https://www.domo.com/

After you have spoken with your Domo rep, the first step to connect the two systems is to reach out to Loxo's CS team and ask us to "provide Postgres details to integrate with Domo." Loxo will provide link to a Postgres database that you can connect directly inside of your Domo account.

Once connected, the data can take a bit to initially load. After the first import, the data will update in Domo hourly.

All of the Loxo data will be raw tables of data that you can pick and choose to build your specific desired reports.

Below is a quick video from a Loxo customer who has integrated with Domo. Review for the ground work for connecting and building reports in Domo.

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