We have released some exciting updates to the adding candidate function within jobs! Now you add candidates into a job all in one place. This was intentionally designed to consolidate your sourcing experience for each job and keep your efforts in one place, eliminating the need for extra clicks!

By opening the job > clicking the blue plus sign > + Add Candidates this will open up the adding modal:

There are three sections within this modal:

  1. The first section is your candidate inbox. This will populate with results if you used Loxo AI.

    1. This will continue to act as your Candidate Inbox where your AI matched results will pre-populate for any AI job in Loxo. From here, just as before, you can take action to either accept or reject the list of ranked and qualified candidates:

  2. The second section is where job applicants will land when they apply to your Loxo job listing

    1. previously when a candidate applied to a job in Loxo they would be added to the applied stage in your pipeline. Now, they will be added into the applicant inbox and not into the job immediately. This now gives users the ability to opt in or out of officially bringing these applied candidates into the pipeline:

  3. The last section is Loxo Source for quick use to search and add new great candidates:

Voting on candidates

You can select yes, no, or maybe on each candidate. Yes will add them to the job, maybe will leave them in the candidate inbox, and no will remove them from that list of options.

Candidates that you reject will go into your database, you are welcome to delete them afterwards within their profile > trash can icon or by going into the global status "Review" to see all those candidates you rejected and delete them!

When voting no you can select from a list of options a rejection reason. This tells the system why that particular candidate wasn't a proper fit and the system will learn from these rejections!

Customizing rejection reasons

Admins are able to customize these specific "rejection reasons" for their candidates when opting not to bring them into a job to better match your internal language and process. To customize these go into settings > Customize tab > "Candidate Rejection Reasons"

With any new release, we strongly encourage and welcome feedback so that we can share this with our team as we continue improving.

For any further questions or feedback, please reach out to support@loxo.co

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