Before you submit a candidate to a hiring manager, make sure your hiring manager is pinned to the company you are working with. 

To do this, open the company record and click on the pin icon next to the hiring manager in your company record. By pinning this person, you are making sure they are visible every time you open that company record and you are also identifying them as a hiring manager.

Congrats! Now you are ready to submit your candidate!

1. In your job folder, click on the down arrow next to your candidate's card, then click on submit to the client (see picture below):

2. Another way to submit a candidate to the hiring manager is through the candidate's profile. Simply click on the share icon and choose between the two options: Quick Share and Formal Submission. Quick share is to create a shareable link to send out to anyone to passively view the candidates profile with out any formal submission documentation. Formal submission creates a share link, but documents it as a submission in the candidates activity feed.

3. The candidate profile will be pulled through and the hiring manager will be listed. You can add additional Recipients (internal or external) as long as they have a profile within Loxo.  

*The hiring manager is selected under the return to the Company. Under the Company profile, find the hiring manager within the list and press the gray Pin icon. It will turn blue once selected. You will then need to add the hiring manager to the job posting. 

4. You can add additional candidate profiles, select which resumes/attachments to include and add the candidate's bio by selecting "Use Description".
*The Use Description option pulls information directly from the Highlights field within a candidate's profile.

5. Now it is time to write the email. You can use email templates and template tags to help customize your message. Once you have written the email, click Send!

Voila! You have submitted your top candidate(s) to the hiring manager you are working with and this activity has been logged in the candidate's event stream so no further data entry is required! 

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