In your Loxo initials icon, select Settings.

In your Settings page, select "Users" on the left, then click the blue plus sign to add a new user.

Once you click Add User, fill out the name of your new teammate(s), and their email address. 

Here you will also want to make them an admin of your account if you want them to have those privileges. 

Logging into a new account

Once you click Save, your new teammates will receive an email with a link to create an account with their email and a new password. 

*Please advise your teammate to check their Spam inbox if they do not see this email.*

Once your teammate creates their account, it will immediately be linked to your agency.

Removing a user

If someone leaves your team, you can remove this user by going into the same Setup screen and clicking the red "X" button next to their name. They will immediately be locked out of the account when you do this.

Cost Per User

Each new user requires a Loxo license and will be added to your account, paid for on a monthly basis. Please email if you have any questions about your account.

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