Use Forms to streamline your recruiting practice and create consistency across your recruiting and sales processes. Or send a form directly to a candidate or client to have them complete their own information and have it safe to their Loxo profile. 

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Step-by-Step Instructions

Create a Form

  1. Go to your Loxo Gear icon and choose Settings and then select Form Templates from the list on the left.

2.  Click the blue Add button to create a new Form Template.

3. Name your Form.

Note: If you send the form externally, the name of the form will be viewable to the recipient.  

4. Add questions to your Form! You can change the type of question using the New question type drop-down, once you select the type of question you would like to use, click the blue Add button. 

Note: Record Field ties back to your own fields in Loxo. So if you are sending a Form externally and want the recipient's answer to update a field on their profile, use the Record Field question type. You will also have the option to select from your own custom fields from your people grid. 

5. Rearrange the order of the questions by clicking and holding the 3 horizontal lines to the left of the question:

Completing a Form on the profile page 

To add/attach a form to a candidate's profile, simply open their profile, click on the 3 dots, then + Form. The completed form will save to the person's profile and can be accessed or edited at any point. These are great for interview templates to make sure your whole team is asking the same questions on interviews or when onboarding new clients! 

Sending a form 

  1. When creating an email you can use Form merge tags to insert one of your Form templates directly into the email. The tag will send a unique URL to each candidate. The name of the URL will be the name of your Form. 

Note: Form merge tags are available for use in any of your emails, and also in Outreach Campaigns, and Email Automations. The URL is custom to each person, so if you send an email to John Doe, his responses will only appear on John Doe's profile. The same is true if you send to multiple people, their responses will only show on their profile where their email is saved.

2. The recipient will use the link in the email to complete your Form. 

3. The sender of the Form will get a notification email when the Form has been completed.

4. All of the recipient's answers will show up directly on their profile! If you used any Record Field question types, those answer will show up directly in the appropriate fields on their profile! 

How to Share or Save a Completed Form 

If you want to share a candidates form answers with a client, you can save it as a PDF and send to your client directly!

  1. Open the Form you want to save. 

  2. Click Print.

3. Change the destination to Save as PDF

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who can delete a form template in Loxo? Only the creator of the form template can delete that template.

  2. Who can view my form template? If the "Share with Agency" checkbox is checked, everyone on your team can access and use the form template you created. If the box is not checked, only the creator of the template can see and use the form.

  3. Who can edit a form template in Loxo? Whoever created the form template in Loxo can edit it and if that template is shared with the agency, anyone on the team can also edit the template.

  4. Who can delete a filled out form from a person's profile? Only a Loxo admin can delete a form that has been filled out on a person's profile.

  5. Why would I use a Form? If you want to make sure you are consistently recording the same information about your candidates or contacts in Loxo, you can create a form template that you fill out every time you meet or talk to a person. Or if you want to send out a form to a candidate or client so they can update their own Loxo record using the Record Field questions. 

  6. Is there an expiration date for the form link? Yes, the form link will expire 7 days after it is sent to the recipient.

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