Scheduling events from within Loxo is easier than ever. Using the Schedule Event feature from a person's profile allows you to build an event, whether an interview or a coffee meeting, with any person in your Loxo People Grid. Once you've scheduled your event, a calendar invite will be sent to the recipient. The event will also be automatically added to your own calendar if you have sync'ed your email and calendar with Loxo.  

*Note, your calendar must be synced to schedule an event within Loxo, and the profile you're viewing needs to have at least one email. Learn how to sync your calendar to Loxo here. If you don't see "Schedule Event" as an option on the person's profile, it is an indication that your calendar is not synced. 

To schedule an interview or event:

  1. Open up the person's profile you would like to schedule an event with. 

  2. Click on calendar icon and select the email address you would like to send your event invite to.

3. Fill out the details of your event and hit Save. 

4. Your event will be sent to the recipient and automatically added to your own calendar. The event will also be logged on the person's Event Stream.

Happy Scheduling! 

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