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Account Settings for all Users
Account Settings for all Users

Adjust your Account and Workspace preferences

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The Settings page allows Admins to quickly access agency defaults and preferences such as Billing.  

If you are not an Admin for your agency you can manage your Account Preferences, Forms and Templates, Email Automation, and Loxo Credits from your settings.

Access or Update Settings

  1. Click on your Initials/Profile Picture in the bottom left corner

  2. Select "Settings"

  3. From the Settings dashboard, you can manage your account preferences, Forms and Templates, Email Automation, and Loxo Credits.

Admin Settings vs Agency User Settings

Every account has an Admin to control agency-wide details. Admins can customize the way an account is setup and customized for all team members to use.

Admins can customize settings, preferences, and the way information is displayed.

All team members can use the features that Admins setup to organize team workflow.

The differences between an agency user and admin on your Loxo account are:

  1. Admins can add, remove, or rename the columns and labels that display.

  2. Admins can choose agency-wide defaults for font and timezone.

  3. Admins can add new users.

  4. Admins can export data and delete data from the account.

  5. Admins can export reports.

  6. Admins can add or update billing, view receipts, and set default currency.

  7. Admins can change / remove payment methods.

  8. Admins can setup a client portal and invite clients to view jobs.

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