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Thank you to everyone who wrote in questions about the new Loxo Source™! We collected some of the most common questions and have shared the answers.

Where does the data come from?
We purchased and indexed over 95 data sources. We acquired both premium and public data sets including crawling the entire public social web in the same way that Google and Bing index. We are not pulling data from your database or any of our customers’ data.   

How accurate is the data? How are you updating it?
Loxo's diversity algorithms are always evolving as we collect more public data attributes over time. Since the algorithms are technology-driven predictions they are meant to help you filter your search to drastically save time and help you improve your diversity and inclusion efforts in your organization. That said, some human judgment is required. There will be false positives from time to time so if you run across any false positives please share those examples with Loxo support so we can continue improving our algorithms to help you achieve your diversity hiring objectives. There will also be an entire team focused exclusively on improving the accuracy of the contact information and data quality in general.

When does Loxo Source™ use a Loxo Connect Credit?
Loxo Source™ only pulls a Connect Credit when you are trying to contact a person. Anytime you add them to a campaign from the Loxo Source page, or click “Find Contact Info” a Connect Credit is used. If you add them to a list or job it will not use a Connect Credit unless you decide to use one later. 

For more information on Loxo Connect Credits check out this help article.

Is the data GDPR compliant?
Yes! It is fully GDPR compliant. 100% Safe to use. The data is all public facing. If you have to login to something we don’t touch it, and we rely very heavily on premium global data partners.

Can I bulk search for people’s contact information?
Yes! Select all of the people you want to add and click “Find Contact Info”. 

How does Loxo Source™ detect duplicates?
If you already added the candidate using Loxo Source™ you will see the Global Status icon next to their name. However, Loxo Source™ will not detect duplicates from your existing database until you add them to your database. Once added, you will be notified of potential duplicates.

After a search, can you add these people to our database or will candidates only reside in Loxo Source™?
You can immediately add these people to a job or list. You can also email, call, text, or add them to a campaign. Any of these actions will save them to your database.

Can we add notes and/or tags on candidates within Loxo Source or do they have to be added to a job first?
The person has to be added to your database first, whether that is through a job or if you contacted them through an email, campaign, call, or text. After they are in your database you can tag, add notes, contact them, etc. like you would any other candidate. 

Can you filter out certain information like companies?
Yes! The search bar and all of the filters are Boolean just like your people database. Use the NOT Boolean search to filter out certain information. 

How do I search for people from more than one location at once?
The filters are Boolean allowing you to use AND to find more than one location. For example, if you are searching for people in New York or Dallas you would type: "New York City" OR "Denver" into the Location filter on the left-hand side. 

For more information on Boolean searches check out this help article.

What do I do if the industry I am looking for is not listed in the industry drop-down?
You can always use the Search bar at the top to search for keywords like industry and skills. 

How much does it cost?
Pricing is a yearly add-on that is inclusive for your whole team. Your yearly cost is dependent on your team’s size, use, and contract.  If you are interested in adding Loxo Source™ to your account please reach out to support@loxo.co

Need more help? Be sure to check out our Loxo Source™ Help Article

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