Data Migration Checklist

Data migration can be overwhelming so to help you feel comfortable with the process we have a checklist to help you get started!

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1. Request an export of your data

If you are coming to Loxo from a previous ATS the first thing you need to do is request a full data export from your current ATS.  Loxo can work with any file share (email, Dropbox, Google Drive folder, etc.) just send it over to your Customer Success Manager.

Note: Loxo will retain legacy ATS backups for two years after we receive it.

2. Visit the Loxo Learning Library 

Register here for Loxo trainings and use Loxo's Library of articles and videos to answer questions as you learn. Start with the Loxo Overview and follow the prompts to setup your account. Then, check-out Loxo's Talent Intelligence workflow to see how you can set your business up for success.

3. Start to think about customizations

There are hundreds of ways we can customize Loxo to fit your organization, data, and workflow. Some of them you can do yourself, but some things require work on the backend that we can do for you. 

Customizations you can make: 

  •  People Grid or Company Grid. As you start to get used to the system, remember that you can always add columns on the people and company grids to help you better find and sort data. 

  • Job Tags, Job Statuses, and Job Types. Look through the delivered tags, statuses and types in Loxo. You can update these on your own in settings under the gear icon. 

Customizations we can make for you:

  • Job Pipeline. Loxo has a default hiring pipeline, but we can update it based on your company’s workflow. There can only be one pipeline per company so the whole team has to be comfortable with the pipeline. If the final state of your pipeline is very different from the statuses in your legacy ATS please provide mapping examples of what it was and what you want it to be. 

  • Global Statuses. Global Statuses are a great way to sort and identify people in your database. Let us know if you have any changes to your People or Company Global Status drop-down options and we will make those updates! 

  • Additional Customizations: Are there any other fields you want added or customized? Let us know if there is anything in particular you want mapped. Make sure to give examples of where something was in your previous ATS and where you want it mapped in Loxo.

  • Anything else? Do you want anything other than people, companies, jobs, events and their dependencies migrated? 

4. What we need from you... 

  • Dont Stress! The data migration process takes a couple weeks, but our team is here to make sure you are happy with your new Loxo database.

  • Be ready for data remapping. Before we do a second data export to capture any changes made in your old ATS, we will ask you to review the first round of data. We will reach out when it is ready for your review. If you do require data remapping (9 out of 10 customers do) make sure to provide examples and we will work with you to remap the data. 

  • Avoid merging company or people profiles until the migration is complete. Merging is very hard to undo, so let our team merge records for you as a part of the data migration process.

5. Check out our help resources

  • The Loxo Learning Library is a great place to find articles on everything from posting a job listing to running reports.  

  • Our team is available to answer your personal questions. Send any technical question to

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