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How to add candidates from one job to a different job
How to add candidates from one job to a different job
Steps to source candidates into a job from an existing job
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Have you ever sourced several candidates for one job, that are also excellent fits for a job that comes along down the road? 

Copying candidates from one job to another is possible with Loxo. Follow these steps:

Go into the job with the candidates you want to copy, select those you plan on copying, then select the three dot icon > Copy to Job

Then select the new job and the stage you want the candidates to land in!

If you want everyone to go into the new job and land in the same stage they were in while in the previous job, select each stage of candidates one by one by clicking the top right hand check box to select everyone in that stage > three dot icon > Copy/Move to Job > select the new job and then the stage they all need to land in! In this case I started with moving everyone from Sourced in this job to the Sourced column in the new job, so I select Sourced as the stage to move them into:

Do this step with each stage in bulk and then you will have properly copied everyone over and maintained their placement in the pipeline!

For more questions on this feel free to reach out to the team at

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