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How do I use schedule send for emails?
How do I use schedule send for emails?
Schedule emails in advance to go out on a specific day or time.
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Stay on top of your follow-ups, interview preparations, good luck for a first day of an assignment, birthdays, etc with Loxo's Schedule Send option.

1. Open an email draft & compose your email

2. Click on the Schedule Send button

3. Choose when you want to send your email from the following options

  • Tomorrow morning,

  • Tomorrow afternoon,

  • Monday morning, or

  • Pick a date & time to choose a specific date & time
    schedule up to 1 month in advance

4. Once the email is scheduled, you can find the pending draft in your email database and confirm the date & time (Initials in the bottom left > Emails):

5. If you need to cancel a pending email, hit the red X to Cancel Send:

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