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There are several new features and some exciting new enhancements to the look and feel. Check out this article for a complete walkthrough!
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What's New?

Sharing Candidates: Want to share your rockstar Loxo candidate with your Hiring Manager? Easy! The new Flyover lets you quickly share your People in Loxo with those outside of Loxo by generating a unique share link.

Candidate Assessments: Want to share your rockstar Loxo candidate with a hiring manager? You can now share your candidates with the click of a button using the new Share Candidate feature. You can also share these candidates in a summary presentation, using the new Highlights feature!

Track Record: Get a 10,000 foot view of your candidates and their activity history with the new Loxo Track Record. At a glance know how many jobs your candidate has been sourced for, how many times they have been hired, rejected, and how many assessments have been completed for them.

Intake: Keep all your notes, comments and other important candidate intake in one spot.

Fill out a form or add notes using the brand new notes templates feature! Just like email and SMS templates, you can now build your own notes templates. Record notes on the fly and create a standard list of questions that your team can use for phone screens, interviews, in-takes, etc. You can also filter by Job, Creator, or Date within Notes!

Client View: The revamped Loxo Client View now allows clients to click into the person flyover from the candidate card. From here they have the ability to view experience and education in detail, view highlights, and now perform assessments and leave comments!

As always, please reach out to with any questions and feedback!

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