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Share Your Candidates
Share Your Candidates
Using a shareable link, you can share your candidates amongst hiring managers and contacts outside of Loxo with ease!
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Shared Candidates

Want to share your rockstar Loxo candidate with a hiring manager? You can now share your candidates with the click of a button using the new Share Candidate feature. First, from the person Flyover, select Share.

From here, you will have the option to choose which information you'd like to share and which information you'd like to keep private. You can also link to an active Job, and even create a formal candidate submission to your client.

*If recorded as a formal submission, Loxo will automatically create a submission and the candidate will move into the submitted stage.

Select Next and you will receive a shareable link to send to hiring managers and other contacts outside of Loxo. Every time you select the share button it will create a brand new link.

*If you make changes to your permissions on the share link, you will need to generate a new share link. You can also set the time in which the shared link will expire!

Viewers will be shown a limited version of the candidate's profile! This includes Experience, Highlights, and attached resumes but any contact information will remain hidden.

From the shared profile, clients and hiring managers can take action using the Candidate Assessment feature - an efficient way for clients to make comments, leave a candidate rating, and even accept, reject or shortlist the candidate. Learn more about Candidate Assessments here!

As always, please reach out with any further questions!

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