Autofill People Data with forms!

Using our "Record Field" form entries, candidates can fill out forms that will auto-populate into the fields on their profile in Loxo

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Pre-screening a candidate? Updating their records in Loxo? No matter the goal, Loxo is built to eliminate the manual, repetitive data entry that comes with maintaining accurate information across your entire database.

Using Form Templates and Custom Fields, Admins can bridge the gap between candidate form entry and profile updating. Here is a step-by-step guide to setting this up:

1. Using the "Customize Grid" feature in the People tab, add your desired Custom Fields for candidate data points that you'd like to collect. These can be Graduation Year, Desired Salary, or anything else relevant for your team.

These Custom Fields will live under Details on a Person Profile:

Woohoo! Step 1 is complete. You now have Custom Fields to track and structure any data points your team needs.

Step 2: Creating a Form Template with Record Field questions.

In Settings > Form Templates, you'll use Record Field as the question type, and select which field you'd like each answer to automatically sync with.

From there, you can attach forms to Emails or Job Application Listings, and candidate answers will autofill on their Loxo profiles!

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