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Level-Up with Loxo
Level-Up with Loxo

Build on Loxo Basics to maximize full functionality

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Retained Search Invoicing Techniques
Understanding Your Deals Cards
Person Note Templates
Candidate Assessments
Merge Deals
How to use Loxo AI™
Share your email address with internal team members
How to publish job and create a job posting URL
Customize your Global Status
How do I make or edit a List?
How do I use "Drag and Drop" to import a person into Loxo?
How do I clone a job?
Global Status
Email and SMS Merge Tags
How to make bulk changes to your contacts
How do I forward a resume to Loxo from my email?
Blocking: How to stop clients or candidates from receiving communications
Boolean search within your database
How do I fill out a placement card?
How do I update a contact's picture?
How do I share an email template with my team?
How do I use Loxo's Mobile Contact App?
How can I tag or mention someone on a candidate's profile?
How do I remove someone from a job?
How do I post a job to my social sites?
How to search by a candidate's Zip Code?
How to Export People and Companies
How do I notify someone I've made a placement?
How to use the New Client View
What is My Loxo™?
Creating Email Automations
How to send calendar invites
How do I create and send Forms?
How do I delete a job in Loxo?
How do I send a Bulk Email or Bulk Text?
How to add candidates from one job to a different job
How to search using Boolean operators
Create Email and SMS Templates
How do I delete a list?
Use Loxo's File Sharing Site to Upload Data
Publish jobs to job boards
Placement and Contract Detail Report
Tracking Sent Emails
Where do I update the Default Currency?
Tasks 101
Set up the Time Zone for your agency
Outreach Campaign Template Best Practices
Billing Receipts
Your Loxo Job Listing Website
Customize Job Application Questions