What is Loxo Source™? 

Loxo Source™ is a proprietary directory of 500 million people and 12 million companies across the globe, giving you access to more people and leads than any other commercially available recruiting service in the marketplace. 

Loxo Source™ works the same way as searching within your own People database, but now you are pulling from hundreds of millions of records at once, instead of just the people in your database.  In fact, you don’t even really need a database anymore because now you have access to anybody you want to find.  

Why should I use it?  

  • Remove the need for additional sourcing tools. Find people with Loxo Source™ by applying filters like titles, tenure, location, universities, experience or use a boolean search to really narrow down on set of candidates. 

  • Add people to any job, email campaign, or add them to lists. 

  • Get their personal contact information so you can email, text, or call them.

  • Save hundreds of hours that you would have spent sourcing candidates by letting us do the work for you!  

How do I use it? 

Loxo Source™ is located at the top of your Loxo page, or also an easy one button click from your People tab card view.

Use the filters on the left  to add as many filters as you want to a people search. Or use the search bar at the top. 

Pro Tip: Use more filters to narrow you search down from hundreds of thousands to a handful. 

You can filter by: 

  • Name

  • Location 

  • Current Title 

  • Past Title 

  • Current or Past Title 

  • Current Company 

  • Past Company 

  • Current or Past Company 

  • Past Average Tenure 

  • Current Tenure

  • School 

  • Industry 

  • Degree 

  • Years of Experience 

  • Graduation Year 

How do the filters work?

Build your Boolean string:

Use the AND/OR switch to indicate whether you want to search for people who meet all your requirements, or at least one of your requirements.

Use the Include/Exclude option to search for multiple different titles or to exclude certain titles from you search. The system will automatically apply quotation marks to help you find an exact match based on the title you entered.

Save Searches in Loxo Source™!

Build your perfect search and Save it to come back to later:

How do I add people to my database? 

Once you find the right person you can immediately email or call them. Or click the More (...) button to add them to a job, campaign or list. 

Better yet, select multiple people and click Add to... button at the top to immediately add them to a job, campaign, or list. 

You can also use the More (...) icon at the top to send a bulk email or find contact information for the selected people.

Note: When you try and contact someone via email or phone number, it will use a Loxo Connect™ credit to find that contact information. When you try to contact someone you may receive a fetching signal while Loxo searches for that contact information. Normally, this process will happen within a few minutes, but it can take up to 24 hours depending on how much information you requested. You will be emailed when the contact information is found. 

What about contact information Loxo Connect™ credits? 

Loxo Source™ can be used with or without contact information.  A subscription to a paid Loxo Source™ plan will give you a much higher volume of credits than you currently have available in your standard Loxo Premium plan.  

What does it cost? 

To enable Loxo Source™ on your account please reach out to support@loxo.co and we can help you get started! There is also a limited free version which you can learn more about here

Is there a training video?

Yep. Right here:

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