What is Loxo Source™? 

Loxo Source™ is a proprietary directory of over 500 million people and 12 million companies across the globe, giving you access to more people and leads than any other commercially available recruiting service in the marketplace. 

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Loxo Source™ Free is available for paid users of Loxo with a standard legacy plan. Premium users of Loxo have full access to Loxo Source™.

Free version includes:

  1. Unlimited searches and people adds to our Loxo database. 

  2. Limited results on any search (only shows top 50 results or the first two pages). 

  1. Unlimited searches and people adds to your Loxo database. 

  2. No limit on the number of pages returned in a search

You can always access Loxo Source™ by clicking on the icon from your People tab. 

To learn more about pricing and to add Loxo Source to your account please reach out to support@loxo.co

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