What is A/B Testing?

A/B testing is a research methodology to try two or more variants against a single hypothesis. In Loxo terms, it is a way to see which emails have the highest success rates within the same campaign.

How does it work?

On an email stage within an outreach campaign you will see a small blue plus icon. This plus icon allows you to add in another variant email. The content and purpose across the two variants should be similar, but how you deliver the message can vary greatly.

The email variants are randomized across prospects to get you the best sample of data. For example, if you have three email variants in your first stage you can expect 33% of your recipients to receive Variant A, 33% to receive Variant B, and 33% to receive Variant C. Then on your second stage if you only have 2 variants, each variant would send to 50% of your remaining campaign prospects.

Each variant is randomized and variants are not connected across stages. This means just because a candidate received Variant A in stage 1, does not mean they will receive Variant A in stage 2. You can create as many variants for each email stage that you want. Remember, each campaign prospect will only receive one variant per stage. At this time, A/B variants are only available on email stages.

Why would I use this?

Have you ever wondered which emails get the most traction? What subject line to use to see the best open rates? What content to include in your messaging to get the highest return rate?

A/B testing is your chance to perfect your job or biz dev marketing overtime to see which of your emails get the most attention. Set up a couple of A/B variants on your next email campaign and see where you get the highest return rate.

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