The first time you use Click-to-Dial, a Chrome pop-up will ask you to allow Loxo to access your microphone. Select "Yes."

If you accidentally clicked "No" or don't remember seeing this, you need to update access in your Chrome settings. Here are the steps you need to take in order to do this:

  1. In your Chrome menu, select Settings

  2. At the bottom of your page, click on the Advanced Settings hyperlink.

  3. Under the "Privacy" headline, click on the "Content settings..." button

  4. Under the "Microphone" headline, click on the "Manage exceptions..." button

  5. Locate the Loxo Hostname pattern. If the Behavior next to it says "Allow," you are all set and can begin using Loxo Click-to-Dial. If the Behavior says "Block," click the X to the right of the word "Block."

  6. Exit Settings then return to Loxo. 

  7. Begin making calls with Click-to-Dial and if you see a pop-up requesting access to your microphone, select, "Yes."

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