To create a job in Loxo, follow the below steps. 

  1. Click on the Jobs tab and select blue + icon and choose Create New Job from the dropdown. 

2. Fill out the fields on the corresponding job form

• Title

• Hiring Company

• Experience Level

• Location

• Salary

• Bonus & Equity (if applicable)

3. Hit Create and your job will be created!

Advanced Section

Open up the dropdown for the Advanced section to add more details to your job

• Add Job Tags to help identify the type of job

• Choose the Job Status

• Add Job Owners if there are more than one

• Add Company Contacts if there are any

Email Automation will default to ON so if you have any set up, they will send out at whatever job stage you have these set for.

Check out these important sections in the form:

1) Publish Date section
If you want to publish your job externally, at the bottom of the job creation page, click the toggle switch and add the date you want to publish it. You can also set the date of when the job stops being published in the "Publish End Date" field. To learn more about where jobs are published, visit here.

2) Job Owners
You can have multiple owners and note what type of owner they are.

3) Company and Company Contacts
Add your company and company contacts. When you add the company, start typing in the box and it will auto-populate with the contacts you have for that company.

Now add the contacts at a job in the Company contact section and choose their role: 

To learn how to print your job click here

To learn more about how to post your jobs to job boards click here, to post to social sites, click here.

To learn how to close or archive a job, click here.

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